Bringing beauty into people's lives

Bringing beauty into people's lives

Caspisanti is a homewear and tablescape brand born on the desire to bring joy and warmth to the act of bringing people together in a beautiful, elegant and effortless environment.

At Caspisanti we believe in making the most of life's simple pleasures - creating beautiful and special moments that can be shared with the ones we love are one of our constant inspirations, with this in mind that we put together collections that are built to connect, made with attention to detail in a sophisticated, but always breezy touch. 

Every piece was idealised to make life simple moments more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement.




Caspi stands for Caspian, son of Ana, and Santi stands for Santiago, son of Marta.

The two baby boys were born with just two weeks between them, and with such a short distance between their births, which allowed for even a stronger bond between Ana, Marta and Ines the godmother of Caspian and Santi, it came just naturally that their common brand-child was an ode to these shared experiences.

The combination of the two names makes Caspisanti an even more special project for the 3 sisters .

Our Founders

Our Founders

Ana is a creative at heart and she loves to travel the world - she’s the former founder and creative director of Sophia Kah where she creates modern dreamy dresses for clients around the world - she brought her luxury brand experience and fine product development into the world of Caspisanti .

Marta is the business mind - active and dynamic she runs the dreamy label Patachou - her focus at Caspisanti is style, business development and excellent bespoke service .

Inês is the young soul of the brand - she brings a unique and fresh point of view that makes Caspisanti modern and cool. Her focus is brand development, and seamless customer service.

Caspisanti is an extension of our world - our designs are deeply rooted in our travel experiences, passion for art, fashion, design but most of all family gatherings and friends that we frequently host.

We want to contribute to create truly unique and unforgettable moments of joy and love sharing for our clients .

Our motto is to bring beauty, style and joy into people’s lives . 

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