Summer Cheeseboard Table

Summer Cheeseboard Table

There's nothing we love more in the Summer than making a cheese platter to present to our guests before the main course is served!

Since this casual Summer tablescape was set up for a picnic lunch, we made things simpler, with just the basics, but it was delicious and beautiful nonetheless.

We will show you exactly how to make a simple picnic Summer cheeseboard and other delicious Summer snacks. 

Best of all? It only takes about 10 minutes to throw together a stunning tablescape!


1. Cheese: You can't have a cheeseboard without the cheese! I recommend using between 2-4 different cheeses depending on how many people you're serving.

2. Cured Meats: For this Summer cheeseboard we used salami, ham with Mediterranean herbs and prosciutto. 

3. Crackers & Bread: In this particular cheeseboard we didn't include bread. To make things simpler, we picked 2 varieties of salty crackers and breadsticks. 

4. Fruit: Use fresh seasonal fruit that pairs with the cheeses you chose! Grapes are always a good choice!

5. Nuts & Savoury: A few different types of nuts are a great way to fill in those empty spaces on your board and perfect for snacking! Olives are also a great pairing if your cheeseboard has meats.

Tomato & Cheese Appetizer 

Something that always goes fast in our cheeseboard tables are our little toasts with feta cheese, fresh cherry tomato, dried oregano and a bit of olive oil over  to finish it!

You must try it! 

Being by the lake in a warm Summer day and setting up this table in the trees shade was something we were dreaming about for a while.

We used our sage green linens to match with the beautiful greenery from the Azorean scenery.

Have a beautiful Summer!

xx Caspisanti