Tips to a dinner party seating plan

Tips to a dinner party seating plan

Everyone knows it's no easy task to get a seating plan perfect - it is a nerve-wrecking task for the host, and it can be nerve-wrecking for some guests finding out where they'll seat.
To prepare an easy-going gathering, we have put together a few tips on what to have in mind when it comes the time to decide where to sit everyone, from singletons to couples to the elderly, so everyone can enjoy to the fullest this time at your place.

Tip nº1.

Singles talk can be much different than couples talk, so try to group them together to help conversation flow

Tip nº2.

Refrain from sitting together the most extroverts at the party - scattering them around will create great conversation dynamics a bit all over and engage more people


Tip nº3.

Parents love sharing their experiences and learning from other parents, so grouping them will allow them to let their hair down for the evening.

Tip nº4.

As the host, you should always sit in an easy access to the kitchen.

Tip nº5.

Sit the your wine connoisseur friend right in the middle and invite them to open, pour and educate if they wish.

Tip nº6

Sitting smokers together also helps them not feeling rude about leaving the table and allows them to transition their conversations from inside to the outside and back.

Tip nº7

Put the entertainer/funniest member at the head of the table – they'll keep the party going. 

Tip nº8

The elderly should be next to someone polite and chatty. If they are hard of hearing, try to accommodate them towards the end of the table, so they are spared with too much noise from cross-conversations.


We hope these quick tips will make you organize more dinner parties without any stress!

x Caspisanti