Warm Christmas Potpourri Drink

Warm Christmas Potpourri Drink
A favourite of ours on the holiday season!
Fill your home with the delicious scents of the holidays by combining citrus, cranberries, and warm spices, you’ll have your house smelling warm and inviting.
In addition to getting your own home ready for the holidays, homemade Christmas Potpourri makes a fantastic non-food holiday gift idea for friends, neighbours, or your kid's teachers. Simply gather the ingredients, place them in a jar, and attach a note with the easy-to-follow instructions.

What you will need for this Christmas Potpourri: 

- orange slices

- apple slices

- Star anise

- cinnamon

- water

- Let boil on stove

TOP TIP: Make this while waiting for your guests to arrive. They will arrive to the most warm and welcoming smell!